Hungarian (formal)


The Laboratory teaches the following subjects.

(for physiotherapist students in Hungarian and in English)


  • The definition and history of biomechincs.
  • The histological structure of bones, bone forming cells. Biomechanical examination, morphology and rheology of bones.
  • Bone formation, bone development. The modeling and remodeling of bones. Laws of biomechanics.
  • Tissue mechanics. Static examination of bones.
  • Fracture and healing of bones. The biomechanics of fracture healing. The function and morphology of skeletal muscle.
  • The skeleton as an organ system. Bone and aging.
  • Practical demonstration.
  • Consultation.

More information

Material testing methods of plastics
(for engineer students)


  • Tensile test.
  • Shore hardness test.
  • Measurement of density.
  • Compression test.
  • Bending test.

CAD-CAM, Rapid prototyping
(for orthopaedic surgeon specialist students)


  • The definition of CAD, CAM, PLM and RP.
  • 2D and 3D CAD.
  • CAM and CNC technologies.
  • Rapid prototyping methods.
  • Medical application of the CAD-CAM and RP.