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Regional University Knowledge Center

Title: The complex application of medical, engineering and material science for the solution of spine surgical research and development topics


Term: 2004-2008
Programme: Regional University Knowledge Centers
Id: NKTH - KPI, RET-2004, 4.2.2 subtask
Support: € 111 200

The Regional University Knowledge Center grant is a grand, complex project based on the scientific capacity of University of Debrecen. The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and our Laboratory worked on a sub-project whithin this main project.

The most important goal of our sub-project was the development of a new biologically fixed total hip revision endoprosthesis system.
Our further aims are to develop and construct a new moving device prototype that helps the rehabilitation of the patients after implanting a knee or a hip prosthesis, additionally the development of a special operating table for spine surgery based on a new concept.


Sanat-R Sanat-R


Sanat-R Sanat-R


Because of indrustrial properties now we can not publish materials about the operating table and the moving device yet, however we built both working prototypes.

General information

Parent department:
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Debrecen

H-4032 Nagyerdei krt. 98, Debrecen, Hungary

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