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Development of a self-positioning operation lamp

Title: Development of a self-positioning operation lamp


Term: 2009-2011
Programme: Gábor Baross Programme
Support: € 130 680

The goal of our project was to develop an operating lamp based on an automatic wireless positioning system and the production of the first working prototype. During the application of the system the surgeon can adjust the perfect direction and the focus of the light using a special wireless pointing device by a single button-pushing.
The sterilized pointing device is held by the surgeon and used to mark the focus point and the direction of the light. After pointing to the appropriate place the surgeon pushes a button and the positioning system automatically adjusts the light-source realising the desired focus and direction.

In an alternative configuration the positioning device can be placed in a headband or tracking points can be applied in the glowes. In these case the buttons can be pushed by feet.

The advantages of this new system in contradiction to a conventional operation lamp are the followings:
- eliminate sterilization problems
- the adjusting process is controlled directly by the surgeon
- perfect focus and light direction can be adjusted for the operating surgeon
- eliminate personal communication problems
- easy handling
- fast moving and switching between positions
- built in camera


We built the working prototype of the device.

Self-positioning operating lamp Self-positioning operating lamp

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Parent department:
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Debrecen

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