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Development of a heel vibrating device

Title: The making of a multi-functional movement device for the post operative rehabilitation of the knee joint


Term: 2006-2007
Programme: József Öveges Programme
Id: HEF_06_3-BIOMDB06
Support: € 14 280

We built the prototype of the device and made a clinical trial that proved the effecienycy of the system.

The principle of the heel vibrator is that in the supine position with the limb raised and only supported through the heel along with the vibrating motion allows the knee to extend not only through its own weight but due to acceleration produced by the vibrating movement, which results in the loosening of the soft tissue around the knee and decreases the development of flexion contractures. The device is operated with a palmtop and an amplitude lever. The amplitude value can be set between 0,5-3 cm by the lever, and the timing and speed is set with the aid of a palmtop software.

Heel vibtration device Heel vibtration device

Heel vibration device Heel vibration device


Szabó J. Bakó K, Manó S, Csernátony Z. The introduction of a knee rehabilitation device for use after total knee replacement using spinal inhibition principle to decrease pain. Biomech Hung 2012;V(1):39-43.

Manó S, Pálinkás J, Kiss L, Csernátony Z. The influence of lateral knee X-ray positioning on the accuracy of full extension level measurements: an in vitro study. Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol 2012;22(3):245-50

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